There's Nothing Like The Strip District

Pittsburgh’s historic market district. The City’s most walkable neighborhood. A gritty, urban experience. A regional destination for tourists and residents. Best neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Home of Industrial “Firsts”. A foodie heaven. Bursting with local flavor. The darling of national TV shows and movies. The place Presidents visit.

All of these things accurately describe this one-of-a-kind place where you can find uncommon treasures and foods, experience authentic upscale and casual dining, learn something new (and something old), and have all of your senses entertained. But nothing can describe the feeling of being here – where you can hear the heartbeat of Pittsburgh.

You’re In The Mix No Bridges. No Tunnels. No Hills.

  • Downtown

    Friendly and welcoming. Comfortable in its city skin. High heels or flip flops, business suit or bathing suit.

  • Strip District

    Gritty and authentic. Bursting with local flavor. No pretense, no fluff. Just plain good.

  • Lawrenceville

    Walkable and welcoming. Entrepreneurial. Old-world charm, modern-day edge. Hipster mecca.