Strip District Riverfront Park

Strip District Riverfront Park is a new 20-block riverfront park concept for the Allegheny Riverfront in between 11th Street and the 31st Street Bridge. Envisioned by the greater Allegheny Riverfront Green Boulevard community planning process, the park will establish the “riverfront face” and reconnects the riverfront to the urban fabric of the community, maximizing public access for recreation and incenting and enabling the highest and best use of adjacent lands.

The Riverfront Park introduces alternatives for open space and amenities, including access points; linear parks and riverwalks; pedestrian parks, walkways, and plazas; public amenities; gathering spaces; recreational trails and facilities; regional trail connections; stormwater and ecological improvements; and waterfront identity.

The landscape design envisions a public park, a new waterfront café with dock, an expanded marina, and a series of riverfront overlooks and fishing piers to draw people down to the water and provide new waterborne activities. A community plaza at 11th Street will offer activities for the neighborhood, with a flexible gathering space, terraced seating facing a small stage, and views of the Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge.

Strip District Riverfront Park is an initiative of Riverlife. Next steps include the development of a financing plan for the construction of the new park and a funding strategy to support its long-term maintenance and operation.



Strip District Riverfront Park Elements Include:

  • Family-friendly amenities such as playgrounds, fishing piers, and marinas
  • Riverbank stabilization with restored habitat/riparian ecology
  • Green infrastructure that supports stormwater management to the new City/County standards
  • Continuous bike-ped connections along the riverfront and its perpendicular streets
Strip District Riverfront Park is an initiative of Riverlife. As of fall 2014, fundraising is underway through a public-private partnership to support schematic design and engineering.